Silent School Games

Months went by and the little girl rarely heard from her mother. School grades plummeted and barely passing the teachers began to ask the little girl questions, “Where is your mommy, honey? We need to have a meeting with her.” The little girl knew if they found her mommy that she would be in big […]

Silent before Ten

“Do you have any questions?” “Come sit down at the table; I need to talk to you.” Her mommy told her. “Jimmy is not your father. You need to know. We are getting a divorce.” Silence what the little girl had learned so well didn’t change at this moment. She sat stunned. Anything that would […]

Silent before Five

This is my story. This was my reality nobody else’s just mine. Just as I saw it thru my eyes and felt it thru every being in my body.  No one can take my story away from me.  I am watching my story from the theater in my mind now… This little girl small, scrawny […]