You are Blind

You do not see your glorious beauty. You only see flaws. You do not see your brilliant mind. You only see what you lack. You do not see your potential. You only worry about the future. You do not see your influence. You only allow yourself to be influenced by others. You do not see your […]

I Know You

As you move in my belly, I know you are a beautiful baby girl. A girl full of life and hope of a future that is unlimited with potential. Before the doctor can even confirm you are a girl, I know. I can feel your sweet spirit and as your mother, I just know.  I […]

Encounter Silent Love

Welcome to Encounter Silent Love, This is a start of not only a passion but a project that I have longed to create for some time. The title Encounter Silent Love has deep meaning and definition. However, this will have to wait for its reveal the end of  June 2017. Please follow me on social media and […]