About the Encounter

A Dedication to My Children

As a mother I knew my greatest point of failure would be if my children did not understand that they are not on this earth without purpose. Their purpose to walk without apology in their passions. I have tried to teach them they find love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control when they follow their God gifted calling.

As a parent I have made decisions that ultimately affected their innocent spirits both good and bad. But, I know that coming from a toxic emotional, physical and sexually abusive upbringing can only bring forward an adult who is wounded. My evolution of understanding came much later in their teen years. Time stole from me the ability to use my evolution of spirit and mind to teach them my lessons learned.

Now as young adults they are moving into the essence of their life’s chosen path. My connection with them while beautiful in scope does not always allow for us to come together. So this site is dedicated to them. As I write each word, I think of them individually. I think about the legacy of learning I want to leave for them and their children to come.

To You My Sweet Angels

These words written are from my deepest core as your mother. The mother who carried you in my womb and saw you thru many days of great accomplishments and days when your pain was something I could not take and bare for you.

May you find the time to learn from my experiences. May this learning help you to further your own personal journey. May these words help you to know me at a level you have not seen before. May they bring healing where the wounds are still open or may they bring a deeper connection where one is already started.

You are spiritual souls brought here by God to fulfill a purpose. Seek your purpose. Find the explosion of joy that comes from walking within this purpose. I love you my sweet angels of light.

Your Mommy –

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