I Know You

As you move in my belly, I know you are a beautiful baby girl. A girl full of life and hope of a future that is unlimited with potential. Before the doctor can even confirm you are a girl, I know. I can feel your sweet spirit and as your mother, I just know. 

I pray now for you to enter this world with the inner core of your being only desiring to understand your power here on this earth. The power that comes from a deep understanding that you are not on this earth without cause. You will learn your life’s plan by asking God|Universe to give you the answer.

When you have this answer, I pray you will never let go of of your cause. Do not let people, outside circumstances kick you off your path of purpose. When obstacles come your way, you are to walk thru them, around them, or destroy them but do not move away from your cause. You will be knocked down and you are to stand up and continue walking. Do no worry about what people say to you. If they criticize you or even applaud you, close your ears and stay focus on your path.

As your mother, I cannot guarantee I will be here thru every phase of your life. But, what I can guarantee is that you only have now. Remember that your past needs to always remain the past. Walk with the future in my mind but know you only have the present. This will keep you in gratitude.

Keep growing in love. Your mommy.

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