A Father’s Legacy: A Letter of Appreciation

Your Voice

You are the voice of logic ringing in my head when I don’t know what decision I should make. I hear you speak to me with words of wisdom. Every word has taught me that each issue is beyond what it is at the surface level. We must look within and understand who we are at our core before we make a decision. We must take into consideration others that are affected by our decisions and know that we are not the only ones we must think about. You have showed me that I am capable of having compassion while remaining strong as an individual. There is not weakness in being a person of humility and inclusive of the needs of others. But one is stronger when they do not let ego to get in the middle of decision making.

Your Strength

I have felt your strong arms carry me as a child. Lifting me up in the air and throwing me towards the sky in jest. You have held my hand or hugged me during times of sadness and great happiness. Your acts of care at times have not been limited with physical strength but mental and emotional strength. Your ability to remain calm in situations of chaos will be something I treasure. You did not have to boast about your ability to lead you just led. You showed dignity when you seemed to fail in life by pressing forward. Should I mention that I never saw you as one who could fail only one who could persevere? You could laugh at your nuances while remaining steadfast in your belief system. You never needed approval of others but understand the importance of compromise when you needed to do so.

Your Knowledge

You were a student of life and people. A university degree could never replace the lessons of life you would point out. You were able to show me how people can walk aimlessly without purpose or knowledge of themselves and the self-destruction this could cause one. You studied those of great leadership skills or sought to know more about any topic of interest. You were not above acknowledging you did not have all the answers but were able to seek the information you lacked. Your ability to remain humble showed me that we are never to stop learning and growing within ourselves.

Your Diligence

Your love was unwavering. I witnessed a level of patience that seemed Godly. You rarely judged even when I knew you disapproved. Remaining steadfast you told me I would make the best decision and regardless you would support me. The words, “I love you”, were not difficult for you to mouth. In public, you were never hesitated to sing my praises to those who knew you. Never shy to acknowledge that you may have guided me along the way but it was my decisions that were the determining factor in whether I would succeed. When life would show its difficult moments you took time to listen. I could sense your focus on my words and that you understood my pain. You were present. I learned from you that diligence in loving someone is the greatest gift you can give.

Your Gift

Today I acknowledge you and the gifts that you have given me. The gifts I have received cannot be purchased at any store. You have given me dozens of examples of how to a live a life with purpose and meaning. You created a legacy that I will follow in honor of you. May my life be a true representation of your teachings and may all who know me see you within me. I love you Dad.

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