Angels of the Morning

She wrote and they were not her words but that of the Angels that come to her thru the breaking dawn. The silent whispers of Angels who speak and should be heard by all though many do not listen. She writes these words as quickly as they run thru her soul. She seeks their purpose and meaning. She asks who should know and they tell her. She walks and talks to the Angels of the Morning. By her side the instructions are downloaded for implementation. 

She runs to find the only writing instrument, her iPhone. She gathers their words of wisdom and recites verbatim their messages of driving inspiration with calling and purpose. She feels their tempo she is in rhythm now chasing all that she is to do so quickly. She is careful about the accuracy protecting the gems that are given only to her.

Her calling to hear, to interpret to spread the warning of danger when one cannot find their authentic self. She takes each requirement of distribution of all messages seriously as she knows many lives will be affected by what is being told. It’s a guide it’s a map it’s predictive. Some will understand and some will know this validation. Some will not see it clearly.

There will be mockery but the Angels of the Morning only speak truth and she will honor this with accuracy. The message is clear: for those who question their sexual identity the message is clear, you are not broken. You are not a mistake. You are not odd. You are not dysfunctional. You are CHOSEN. Chosen for a higher purpose than you can imagine. Now re-frame your mind. Begin to be mindful of the voices in your head that tell you otherwise. You must silence the voices that try to conquer your mind into believing anything less than the fact that you are a gift given to this earth for a calling. You will learn more in the days to come.


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