A Father’s Legacy: A Letter of Appreciation

Your Voice You are the voice of logic ringing in my head when I don’t know what decision I should make. I hear you speak to me with words of wisdom. Every word has taught me that each issue is beyond what it is at the surface level. We must look within and understand who […]

I Know You

As you move in my belly, I know you are a beautiful baby girl. A girl full of life and hope of a future that is unlimited with potential. Before the doctor can even confirm you are a girl, I know. I can feel your sweet spirit and as your mother, I just know.  I […]

A Real Leader

The truth of what defines a leader is a new form of thinking that we must embrace. Finding our core traits and honoring what is inherently our God given capabilities is something we should explore, understand and accept. Yet, we find we are challenged by the comparison of ourselves to those who on the surface may create a perception […]

Angels of the Morning

She wrote and they were not her words but that of the Angels that come to her thru the breaking dawn. The silent whispers of Angels who speak and should be heard by all though many do not listen. She writes these words as quickly as they run thru her soul. She seeks their purpose […]

A Poem: Their Truth

She Whispered and He Leaned In… He shed a tear and she ran her hand across his cheek. She felt the desire and he layered her with  passion. He said words of wisdom she agreed. She cried in pain from far and he ran to her. He shared is loss she pulled him to her […]

Silent before Five

This is my story. This was my reality nobody else’s just mine. Just as I saw it thru my eyes and felt it thru every being in my body.  No one can take my story away from me.  I am watching my story from the theater in my mind now… This little girl small, scrawny […]